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Let us help you realign your business and restore your work / life balance


Find Your Ikigai

Get back in balance

The Ikigai is a Japanese concept that means "a reason for being". Everyone has an Ikigai, but it's usually out of balance.

Your business is an extension of your Ikigai and is quite often the source of imbalance. By understanding your personal Ikigai we can uncover misalignments between you and your business and restore your work / life balance.

We Take Your Business From Adhoc To Structured

Realigning the reasons you started your business and turning it into an automated machine


At adhoc you control your time. However, you have to sell your own time to make any money.

You control your time

You sell your time

If you don't sell your time you are skint

If you sell all of your time you are stressed but have cash and no life

You can only realistically sell 80% of your time - you have a maximum capacity to earn

If you stop for 30 days then your business collapses


At structured you move from selling your time to selling other people's time or design products that are not linked to time.

You create passive income based on a business system that can operate without you

Your capacity is not linked to your time

You can change your capacity by investing in your business system

Getting to Structured will allow you to achieve your Ikigai

Follow Our 9-Step Adhoc-To-Structured Framework

Redesign your business with your life at the heart of your decisions - business by design

Realign Your Business

Build scalable structure

Work with our team to restore your work / life balance.

Our team will take you through each step correcting misalignments and structuring each area of your business.

When you arrive at Structured you have an automated system that you can scale without you needing to be present.


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