A challenge that many businesses face as they grow is turning their business from ad hoc to structured. In order to scale your business it has to be completely structured in a way that the business owner is no longer needed to make it run.

Trying to scale a business that has issues simply makes those issues bigger.

The Entrepreneur's Journey

At Self Employed you have sacked your boss! In fact you make yourself your own boss. You now control your time. However, you have to sell your own time to make any money. The Self Employed are ACTIVELY earning their money.

At Business Owner you move from selling your time to selling products that uses other people's time (i.e. you get employees) or design products that is not linked to time. Business Owners PASSIVELY earn their money.

Many Business Owner's find it a challenge to complete the transition between Self Employed and Business Owner with different areas not quite systemised or are not aligned with the owners original Choose Life.

Business Owner businesses are investable and saleable.


How We Do It


    Our Business By Design Workshop will give you a conceptual understanding of the 9 steps in our ad hoc to structured methodology.

    This will provide you with a direction of travel, illuminate misalignments and give you confidence in realigning your business to your Choose Life.


    In subsequent strategy sessions we will dig deeply into different areas of your business so that we can work with you to build new strategies that align with your new design.

    We will focus on the areas highlighted in the Business By Design Workshop.


    Once the strategy has been created it’s time to execute.

    Depending on the resources and skills available within your business you can optionally outsource some of the execution to us or one of our partners.

Aha Moments

One of the biggest lessons of building business by design is adaptability or "aim for the gap".

Experience and knowledge are key to giving you the platform to building the business you desire. However, adaptability and focus allows you to build a business for the gap in your market. 


Structured Methodology

We have a proven structured methodology which allows you to rediscover the core reasons of why you started your business in the first place. We will provide you with a clear direction that will allow you to realign your business to your Choose Life. Our 9 step process is how we help you re-align your business and get it structured.

Our workbooks for each area of the business allows you to create strategies that can be executed. We leave nothing to chance.

Structure your business so that it delivers what you want it to and start to live your Choose Life.

Our Snakehires

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