The BIG Why

We believe that businesses should be a vehicle that allows you to live the life that you want. We believe in Choose Life.


All to often people start a business with a certain lifestyle in mind to find that they work harder, for less money and are rapidly moving away from their "Choose Life"

Active vs Passive Income

Not all revenue is equal.


Ultimately in order to obtain the life that you want it has to be funded. A certain lifestyle will cost £X.

Most people "actively" fund their life.

Actively earning money is when you sell your time for money.

Passively earning money is when you sell something that doesn't involve your time at all.


In order to Choose Life you need fund your life passively - i.e. by NOT selling your time.

To achieve this you have to design a business that shifts your time into structured tasks that can either be automated or done by someone else.


ESBI Model

The cashflow quadrant by Robert Kiyosaki shows the journey to wealth creation.

When you become an adult you need money, so you you become an Employee which means that you are trading your time for money.

Then people decide that they want to take control and become Self Employed. You now control your time however you have to sell your own time to make any money. At Self Employed if you sell all of your time then you are cash rich but time poor. If you decide to take a break you are time rich but cash poor.

At Business Owner you build a business machine that is NOT linked to your time. You create passive income based on a business system. Your capacity is not linked to your time. If you want to increase the capacity of your business system you invest in it.

At investor you own assets. A business system is an asset just like renting a property. An investor collects assets that generate passive income in a systematic way that does not link to their time.


Employee's and Self Employed people Actively fund their life

Business Owners and Investors Passively fund their life

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Business By Design

We build businesses by design.

We re-align your current business to your Choose Life and shift you from Self Employed to Business Owner using our proven 9-step methodology.


We Work With Ambitious Business Owners Who Want To Choose Life.

If you want to move your business from ad hoc to structured so that you can restore your work / life balance then get in touch.

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